What our supporters are saying about PACE:

As the Mayor of the City of Everett, I recognize and applaud the work that Parents Action Committee (PACE) does every day to engage families and young teenagers in making healthy decisions.

I am especially impressed with PACE’s proactive approach to teaching families about prevention and substance misuse, and hot to have difficult- yet essential- conversations with their children. I truly appreciate PACE’s work to make our community stronger, more vibrant and safer for our children.Carlo DeMaria Jr. - Mayor

Being a mother to three young children is the most important role I will ever have. It is also the most challenging role.

Our children today are faced with serious issues and challenges with regards to drug and alcohol abuse. As parents it is our job to open the communication lines with our children. Simply hoping and praying your child remains unscathed during their adolescent years and beyond is not enough. Avoidance could be detrimental to their health and well-being.

Thankfully, our community has the Parents Action Committee of Everett. PACE is here to help. They have the resources to educate and support the families along this journey. They are there to help parents raise awareness and promote prevention of underage drinking and drug use. I am confident that getting involved with PACE will help my family and yours.
Mrs. Stacy Demaria

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