Family Game Night

Playing games is an enjoyable way to spend time together and to strengthen family bonds. Games offer opportunities for kids to understand the importance of rules, practice cooperation, exercise good decision-making, and have fun!

4 Steps to Game Night

Pick a Date

Hosting a family game night gives both teens and parents the opportunity to spend time with one another after what is often a hectic week for all family members. These opportunities provide the chance to talk to teens about expectations, ask questions, and encourage honesty & integrity.

Select a Game

There are many options available that require no purchases, however, there are also board games appropriate for all members of the family that can create conversations and keep everyone entertained.

Create Conversations

Fast Fact

Young people are less likely to use alcohol if their parents set clear rules about not doing so.

Teen Talk

Make game night a time to discuss expectations, create a space for honesty, & support your teen in facing today's pressures!

Game Resources

One of the most important parts of a family game night is creating conversations. These discussions can make a real impact on a teen’s decision-making in the future. Use our Creating Conversations Resources for the necessary tools.

Share Your Experience

We want you to share your family’s experiences with us and the community. Post a picture, provide commentary, or share a resource with us via social media or by e-mailing The Power of 6 Campaign & the Parents Action Committee of Everett.