Eat Dinner As A Family

Family dinners provide the opportunity to create important conversations. Teens who have frequent dinners with their family are more likely to report having an excellent relationship with their parents and are less likely to use alcohol in the future. (CASA, 2007)

4 Steps to Family Dinner

Pick a Date

Today’s world is demanding. Parents work multiple jobs while school and extracurricular activities require more time from teens. Many families struggle to sit down at the dinner table, so it becomes essential to make it part of your routine by scheduling weekly or monthly family dinners to connect and converse.

Plan the Dinner

All members of the family should be involved in planning, cooking, and cleaning up. If your family doesn’t typically cook at home, our Family Dinner Resources can help you get started with planning your meal by offering printable and electronic resources.

Create Conversations

One of the most important parts of the family dinner is creating conversations. These discussions can make a real impact on a teen’s decision-making in the future. If you’re not sure how to start, our Creating Conversations Resources provide the necessary tools.

Fast Fact

What is the best time to talk about something important according to teens?


said during or after dinner

Start a Conversation!
Share Your Experience

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