Create a Pledge to Prevent
Underage Drinking

There are many different communication styles and approaches to talking about alcohol use. Research shows a family pledge is a permanent reminder of your commitment to keep talking about underage drinking and to work together through difficult situations.

4 Steps to a Pledge

Pick a Date

A pledge not to take part in underage drinking should never be taken lightly. It is important for families to set aside time and talk about the ideas in the pledge as well as create & sign an actual contract between teens and parents for continued guidelines & reference.

Suggested Ideas

There are many resources available to help families develop a pledge that is right for them and their teens. If you do not know where to start, our Underage Drinking Pledge Resources can help you get started with printable and electronic resources.

Keep the Conversation Going

Signing a contract will not be enough to keep your teens protected from underage drinking. The pledge needs to become a permanent reminder and part of your discussion. Prominently and proudly DISPLAY YOUR PLEDGE as a way to remind the entire family of these promises.

Fast Fact

The brain does not fully develop until a person is over the age of 20. Drinking alcohol damages the parts of the brain responsible for decision-making, self-control, memory, & learning. (Mass. Dept. of Health & Human Services)

An Important Pledge

It is important teens & families acknowledge the pressures of underage drinking. The pledge commits everyone to talk, listen, and work together to make good decisions.

Make A Pledge Today
Share Your Experiences

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